Our objectives

  1. to campaign, promote and support the development of safe and creative media; 
  2. to promote development of potentiality of a producer for safe and creative media; 
  3. to promote and support people especially children, youths and families having skills in media literacy, to monitor unsafe and uncreative media, and to be able to use media for development of themselves, community and society; 
  4. to promote and support wide participation of people in order to develop safe and creative media; 
  5. to promote a conduct of study and research, training, development of knowledge and creativity of an innovation of safe and creative media; 
  6. to promote a person, a community organization, a private organization, a public benefit organization, Government agency, State enterprise or other State agency performing activities relating to media to provide production and development of safe and creative media; 
  7. to proceed and promote the safe and creative media which can be accessed by people and can be used widely.
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