Our performance

1. Funding the grant
Year 2017 : Granting 48 projects (1 grant round), THB 83M (Approx. USD 2.7M)
Year 2018 : Granting 138 projects (2 grant rounds), THB 330M (Approx. USD 10.875M)
Year 2019 : Budget THB 405M (Approx. USD 13.227M), the projects are under consideration (2 grant rounds). Strategic Grant Topics for Year 2019

  • Fake News 
  • Cyberbullying/ Hate Speech 
  • Media Literacy 
  • Media Innovation 
  • Game Addiction/ Online Gambling

2. Our initiative and pilot projects

Media Literacy Camp: to develop media literacy skills through media production contest.
Providing more communication channels for habitants in different areas to share their own cultures, learn and accept other cultures (MULTICULTURAL)
Supporting “Sure And Share” TV Program : The program is aiming to develop people who are information receiver and sender having awareness in using media conscientiously and searching for facts (Fact-checking)
3. International Collaboration

Co-host of International Conference on Fake News on 17 June 2019 in Bangkok. The objective of the event is to share experience and exchange opinion on the problem of Fake News. The keynote speaker is Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s Digital Minister.
Co-host of INternational PUblic Television: INPUT 2019 in May 2019 in Bangkok. INPUT 2019 is one of the major events that inspiring producers and media professionals around the world. It is a platform to exchange the media production work from media producers especially the presentation on sensitive issues.
Collaborate with LINE Company (Thailand) Limited and The Associated Press (AP) in organizing Workshop: Stop Fake News. Objective : to educate young people on encountering Fake News especially Journalism and Mass Communication and Communication Arts students.
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