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Media Alert is a project under the work plan of the Office of Thai Media Fund. Its missions are 1. to present results of the study 2. To analyze media conditions, social media exposure and media usage behavior.

With the aim of fostering a culture of critical thinking in communication, exposure and media usage and to promote safe and creative media ecosystem.

Media Alert started communicating online since February 2021 to update various situations information on social media and among social communication. This is to present results of the study and to analyze on interesting and important social issues with reliable academic principles through various methods with the utmost efforts of Media Alert team at the beginning of the project.

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Momng na jae is one of shortlisted projects for ACB Asia

Momng na jae is one of 19 shortlisted projects for The Asia Content Business Short Film Project, Project 19.

The Asia Content Business Short Film Project, Project 19, is an initiative to promote the film industry in Asia by gathering and curating short film videos (under 5 minutes) under the topic of COVID-19 and how their communities have responded to the health crisis.

The winner of the competition will receive a paid trip to Hong Kong to attend the FILMART and the ACBS Award presentation (subject to travel restriction circumstances), courtesy of Salon Media Lab.

 The Ministry of Culture of Thailand and Content Thailand is generously sponsoring US$3,000 as prize money for this competition.


Synopsis: The owner of a guesthouse wants to close his place and discharge the only employee Mong because of the decline of business during COVID. However, he is actually a good employer because although there have been months without any guest, he paid Mong his salary on time. Mong is very grateful and decides to take this opportunity to upgrade the service of the guesthouse. The owner does not want to fire Mong but Mong accidentally overheard that the owner has such thoughts one day. Mong understands that decision, but also shares his feels with the owner: the pandemic has taken so much away from the Thai people, but he can still see the beauty of the country that cannot be taken away: people’s smile, hospitality and generosity. The owner in the end changes his mind and wants to get this through together with Mong.

Momng na jae is a winner of the “New-Normal Short Film Contest” under the concept of “Charming Thai lifestyle in a New-Normal Era” which is the collaborative project between Thai Media Fund and Thai Film Director Association.

The project’s objectives are

  1. Produce a short film/ television program to raise awareness, stimulate motivation and create participation in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in Phase II so that the general public can understand the situation in self care in New-normal lifestyle.

  2. Communicate to promote people having knowledge and understanding of patient’s care, disciplines and follow new regulations to prevent COVID-19 infection in Phase II.

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Press Conference to announce the “Opening of the 2021 Annual Grant Program application”, The Emerald Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

On Friday 5 February 2021, the Thai Media Fund (TMF) held a press conference on “An opening for proposals, projects or activities of Annual Grant 2021” at the Emerald Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. On this occasion, it was an honor that H.E. Mr. Itthiphol Kunplome, Minister of Culture of the Kingdom of Thailand, Vice Chairman of the Committee of the Thai Media Fund, delivered his opening remarks.

“Thai Media Fund has been offering grants to promote the development of safe and creative media since 2017, with 2021 marking its fifth year. There are 3 types of grants:

  1.  Open Grant is opened for all segments including private sector for both existing and new producers, in the 4 target groups. The grant applicants are free to use their creativity as there are no restrictions on the presentation media and content.
  2. Strategic Grant requires that the recipient must focus and contribute to media content development. It consists of 5 issues for small projects, 4 issues for medium projects and one issue for a large project. This is the media production strategy that TMF wants to happen.
  3. Collaborative Grant is the funding that “TMF kindly requests our networks to work with TMF”, said H.E. Mr. Kunplome.

Mrs. Yupha Taveewattanakitborvon, Permanent Secretary for Culture and Executives of the Thai Media Fund, also attended this press conference.

In 2021, TMF allocates the following funding amount to each grant:

  1. Open Grant: THB 90 million
  2. Strategic Grant: THB 180 million
  3. Collaborative Grant: THB 30 million

Application period is during 20 January to 19 February 2021 at 16.30 (GMT+7).

For those who are interested in submitting the project please visit: