‘Music Change the World’ Project

Music is something that can enhance memory efficiency and helps people to easily remember things. Thus, the ‘Music Change the World’ project brought 10 issues of consciousness and public disciplines to 10 artists and musicians for producing songs for listeners. These songs could urge people to be aware of problems and it was easy to communicate and pass on to people in society with an aim to change them, then leading to a better social change.

‘A Time to Fly’ Movie Project (Bin-laa-fun in Thai)

This 98-minute film was inspired by the story of Hmong Thong-dee, a stateless boy who won of the paper folding airplane competition in Japan. This film was made to inspire youth and people to dare to dream and have determination to overcome obstacles for goal achievement. It also induced love and unity of the nation since this event has made people from many sectors realize and help to claim the basic human rights and freedom for the stateless boy born and raised in Thailand. That is because he loves this country and creates benefits with good reputation for the country.

Khon Film Project Titled, ‘Ramayana: HANUMAN White Monkey’

Combining traditional and cultural performing arts on stage with digital computer graphics techniques and film special effects, Khon Film was produced for the first time in Thailand. Such media encouraged inspiration and created imagination towards the story of Khon Ramayana (Thai masked dance) in a new and modern way, with an easier access. At the same time, this film of national performing arts was shown to give the audience more fun, excitement and impression. Khon Film was taking part in widely spreading the identity of Thai national performing arts to the international level. In this regard, His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen presided over the premiere of the film “Hanuman White Monkey” and the “Khon Film” exhibition on December 4, 2022. The Hanuman White Monkey Film was showing in the cinemas across the country on the occasion of Phra Boromchanakathibet King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Birthday on December 5, 2022.