22 September 2021,
Dhanakorn Srisooksai, CEO of Thai Media Fund, has given the opening remarks for FACTkathon: Fact-Collab to Debunk Dis-infodemic which is part of FACTkathon project.

The “FACTKathon Project” aims to encourage the new generation by organizing the competition for in-depth brainstorming to lead a model for the development of collaborative mechanisms to enhance the quality of journalism and digital citizens in response to the infodemic which has plunged society into chaos like today.

This project is a collaboration among Thai Media Fund (TMF), The National Press Council of Thailand (NPCT), Thailand Institute of Justice (TIJ), Thai Health Promotion Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), Change Fusion, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) and COFACT (Thailand) Network.

In the afternoon, the panel on “Debunking Dis-infodemic in Asia” was held with the panelists from Cofacts Taiwan, Black Dot Research (Singapore), Mafindo (Indonesia), The National Press Council of Thailand and Google News Initiative (GNI).