Due to the Outbreak of the Communicable Disease Coronavirus (COVID – 19), on 26 March 2020, the Thai Media Fund (TMF)’s Committee has approved the “Action Plan to support the government’s management of COVID-19 crisis”.

The main agendas of the Action Plan that TMF received from the spokesman of Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) are as follows:

  • To encourage Social Distancing and Personal Distancing.
  • To provide guidelines for preventing COVID-19 infection.
  • To bring Social Cohesion.
  • To ensure the public complies with official regulations.
  • To create positive attitude towards the patients.
  • To uplift the morale of medical personnel.

Objectives of the Action Plan:

  1. To support the management of the Thai government to prevent and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 infections, including the implementation of relief measures from the situation of COVID – 19 in Thailand.
  2. To alert and raise the awareness of the Thai people concerning the COVID – 19 outbreaks, and to promote collaboration among the public to combat this pandemic.
  3. To create positive attitudes towards the Thai Media Fund.

TMF has supported the production of many kinds of media such as: billboards, posters, video clips, music videos, songs, content infographics, comic books, and online course on “COVID – 19 and epidemiology” etc.

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