24 June 2020, Webinar on Hate Speech and Vulnerable Communities

Under the collaboration between Thai Media Fund and Asia Centre on “Hate Speech in Asia: Challenges and Solutions” project in 2020, on Wednesday 24 June 2020, Asia Centre held its webinar on “Hate Speech and Vulnerable Communities”, with over 114 attendees. The event follows an earlier webinar on COVID – 19 and Hate Speech held on 27 May 2020.

There were 4 invited speakers addressed the webinar:

Ms. Khin Mai Aung, Doa-A-Yae: Coalition for Human Rights in Burma and an Asia Centre Associate (USA)

Prof. Jude William R. Genilo, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

Mr. Lutfi Hakim as an independent communications professional and Asia Centre’s Associate (Malaysia)

Dr. Chanansara Oranop na Ayutthaya from the National Institute of Development Administration

Hate speech in society towards vulnerable communities often reflects the discriminatory and prejudicial language by government officials and political leaders. In Southeast Asia, the spike in hate speech against migrant workers, refugees, undocumented workers, ethnic minorities and the homeless can be attributed to this trend. This was the analysis offered by speakers at Asia Centre’s webinar on COVID – 19 and Vulnerable Communities. With the webinar concluded, attention now turns to the launch of Asia Centre’s report, “Hate Speech in Southeast Asia: New Forms, Old Rules”, a collaborative study between the Thai Media Fund and Asia Centre, scheduled for 22 July, 2020.

The report will be presented at International Conference on Hate Speech in Asia; Challenges and Solutions from 7-9 October 2020 and registration for the event is still open. The event has 11 international partners confirmed and will be held in collaboration among the Thai Media Fund, Asia Centre, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, Friedrich Nauman Stiftung and the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy.For more

information contact: [email protected]